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Clean, efficient, and affordable collection; that's our motto. At Platte Valley, we don't think you should have to worry about rising collection costs when you pay your bills. We also don't think you should have to worry about untimely collection, spilled trash, and property damage. That's also why our customers favor us over the competition: because we care about you! It may sound silly, but by doing our job right we are making the world a little brighter, and your day a little better. We promise to always service your waste collection needs in a timely, pleasing, and cost efficient way.

Customer Referral Program
Do you think we provide great service? Let your friends, neighbors, and family members know and we'll give you a reward. For every household that you get signed up, we'll give you one month of free collection service. All you have to do is: 
1) Get the word out!
2) Tell the person to go to
  or call 816-746-8619
3) Have the person type your name in the referral section. That's it! We'll then credit your next quarterly payment. Sound good? Start referring!